Almeida User Experience

User Experience Consulting –  User Research, UX Design, Content

I'm a usability expert

Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design. Over 10 years working in web, mobile, and print. My recommendations will improve your products and make them successful.

I offer client-focused consulting

Keeping your budget and timeline in mind, we develop a custom project plan. I work with small, medium, and large companies. During our project, we’ll keep in constant communication via instant message, email, or phone. I work remotely and in San Francisco area.

These are my specialties

  • Usability testing
  • Content testing for comprehension and plain language
  • Heuristic review
  • Uncovering user needs

Selected Projects

User Research helps


Build the Right Product

Early stage user needs research

Focus groups

Ethnographic study



Build the Product Right

Concept testing

Usability testing

Card sorting

Heuristic review


My Research Methods